• Senior, Kaitlyn Berry

Are Barefoot Sandals A Thing? Oh Yes!

There are plenty of different types of sandals and shoes. The real question is where are the shoes for the Bare-footers? The Earth Activist? The Hippies? No need to worry anymore... Barefoot Sandals have become a REAL thing! Barefoot Sandals are feet jewelry for those who have a hard time dealing with pesky shoes, or they can be for people who really just like them. There are many different styles and colors for a unique style. They can be worn for any occasion, considering that the myth of walking barefoot anywhere is really a myth (Depending on state laws, and countries of course).

Barefoot Sandals have mainly been used for wedding attire for beach weddings or outdoor weddings. Since weddings require so much planning and expenses, there's no problem with a bit of simplicity when it comes to footwear. These types of sandals can end up being the future of wedding attire, instead of drab heels that hurt your feet.

Another great perk of this wonderful invention is that they aren't necessarily expensive, unless, of course, you want yours with real diamonds or pearls. So instead of wearing uncomfortable shoes all the time, try a pair of these sandals, and make the grand switch over to the Eco Friendly side.