• Madison Campbell

Netflix TV Show Review: iZombie

Are you looking for a TV show to binge watch and enjoy? Look no further, because iZombie is a show that definitely has taste.

iZombie is about a girl named Liv Moore, who was once a normal girl. That all changed when she was scratched by a zombie outbreak on a boat and was transformed into a zombie herself.

I know this might be difficult for your "brains" to comprehend, but she actually eats her dead victims' brains to see visions of how they died and to solve murders.

In the series' first episode, Liv's colleague discovers that she is a zombie and finds her very intriguing. Since then, every corpse that arrives in the morgue has a portion of its brain removed so Liz can dine on it to discover the cause of death. Besides learning about their death, when Liz eats the brains of her victims she actually claims a feature they had like art and different languages.

If you're looking for a spooky-themed show to watch for Halloween, this is the one.