• Emily Harrell

Justin Timberlake Not in Trouble for Voting Selfie

Early this week Justin Timberlake took a picture of himself while voting, which is prohibited in Tennessee.

Timberlake flew back to his hometown of Mephis, Tennessee, to participate in the early voting there.Timberlake is still registered to vote in Tennessee, where he grew up,even though he doesn't live there today. He had taken the picture in the polling station and then posted it on Instagram, encouraging people to vote. He has now deleted the photo.

People are questioning whether or not he is in legal trouble because of the picture, since it is illegal in Tennessee. The crime is punishable by a $50 fine and/or 30 day jail time.

On Wednesday, the district attorney's office said they had no plans on investigating. A statement from the Shelby County District Attorney General, Amy Weinich, said that the Timberlake incident being investigating "was incorrect and was released without my knowledge." The statement also said, "No one in our office is currently investigating this matter nor will we be using our limited resources to do so."

According to CNN, "It turns out the selfie Justin Timberlake took is not a bad thing."

All information from CNN.COM