• Emily Harrell

Brazilian Man Allegedly Held Captive By Family for at Least 15 Years

In the city of Guarulhos, Brazil, Police have found a man who had been held captive for 15 years by his family.

Police in the greater Sao Paulo area were on a drug raid on Saturday 22, 2016, when they entered a home and found Armando Bezerra de Andrade, a 36 year old man, in the family's basement. Police images showed that the room had a solid mattress, no light source, padlock windows, and no handle on the inside of the door.

Armando's father, Amancio Bezerra de Andrade, said, "he kept his son in the basement because he was a drug user, and contradicted neighbors who said that the man had been there since he was 16," according to CNN.

As of now, police are trying to figure out if Armando had been held captive for 15 years or, as neighbors claimed, he had been imprisoned in the home for over 20 years. The police chief in charge of the investigation, Celso Marchiori, said that the father told him, "'This is my son, that house is mine, and I was the one who locked him in there, as he had asked me to. He is a drug user and he showed up at home after being gone for many years, he showed up at home and asked me to lock him up so he wouldn't buy drugs."

All research from WWW.CNN.COM