• Taylor Faircloth

Believeland: The Cleveland Indians take Game 1

The Cleveland Indians haven’t been to the World Series since 1997, when they lost to the Florida Marlins. The last time the Indians won the World Series was in 1948. With their big victory over Chicago last night, however, Indian fans were given hope that the years of disappointment, heartache, and torment could finally be over. The performance was the Indians' first World Series shutout since 1948, when they beat the Cubs 6 to 0.

Suddenly, it’s cool to be a Cleveland fan with the Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship and now the Indians right around the corner. The Cavs may be the ones watching the downtown parade this time.

For the Indians, it was a record performance on multiple fronts. Kluber set a World Series record of eight strikeouts in three innings, and when he exited the game after the sixth inning, he had racked up 15 total, which was tied for second-highest total in World Series history. Indians catcher Roberto Perez, from an offensive standpoint, became the first hitter to hit two home runs from the ninth spot in World Series history.

“It gives me goosebumps,’’ says Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor, who had three hits. “It gets me going because I know how hard he works, day in and day out, what he’s doing for Puerto Rico. He’s amazing to watch.”

Source: usatoday.com