• Vallicia Clark

Former American football running back Speaks to Middle and High School Students

Today, Tuesday, October 25, 2016, Cairo High School and Washington Middle School had the honor of hearing Tim Worley, former American football running back for UGA, Pittsburg Steelers, and Chicago Bears.

The topic of Mr. Worley’s speech was making positive, healthy choices. As Worley stated repeatedly, “The choices you make today will affect your tomorrow.” He talked to the students about his experiences in college while dealing with peer pressure, temptation, and other problems young people are dealing with these days.

Mr. Worley also talked about his downfall, which began during his years at UGA, in which he battled with cocaine and alcohol abuse. These problems continued during his years in the NFL and during his retirement. At the end of the program, Mr. Worley told us about a night on which he contemplated taking his own life. He spoke to us about how his drinking and drug abuse led to him sitting in a jail cell for 23 days.

The moral of his speech and his testimony was never let temptation or peer pressure destroy your future. Another lesson he shared was, as he demonstrated by turning his own life around, it’s never too late to start making choices for yourself.