• Taylor Faircloth

Animal Hybrids

This adorable hybrid baby is half zebra and half donkey (zonkey). She was born in Suqian, China. This mixed breed is very rare; she is one of a kind. Interestingly enough, there are more very rare creatures like it.

There is also a half horse and half zebra, also known as (Zorse). Have you ever heard of a half grizzly and half polar bear (Grolar Bear)? Grizzly bears started migrating further north, and polar bears started heading south looking for dry land and food. "Hunters identified the first hybrid bear in Alaska in 1864 and, today, scientists are discovering a lot more of them in the wild."

Out of all the hybrid animals I've heard and seen, the Leopon or Lipard is the most beautiful. It's a lion and a leopard, and it has the elusive mane of a lion and the spots of a leopard. "There are legends of spotted lions called marozi in Kenya, ntarango in Uganda, and abasambo in Ethiopia. The legendary leopons are supposed to have adapted to live in the cloudy mountain ranges, combining leonine and leopard-like attributes."

People always think that nature just follows the rules and never does anything different or out of the ordinary. This proves that sometimes life can surprise you.

It's possible you can see a zonkey running down the street one day. It may not be likely, but it's possible.

Source: usatoday.com, daystyles.com