• Emily Harrell

Montana Judge Defends 60-day Sentence in Child Incest Case

Over 40,000 people are signing a petition for impeachment of Judge John Mckeon. This past summer, Judge Mckeon gave a 60 day sentence and probation to a Montana man who frequently raped his daughter, who was only 12 years old. The Montana man's name has been withheld to protect the privacy of his victim.

Mckeon was given a recommendation by the prosecution to give the man a 25 year prison term, but he reduced the 25 year term to only 60 days with credit for the time he already severed, leaving the man with only 43 days to spend in jail. The man plead guilty for his crime this past summer for the felony of incest as part of a deal that dismissed two additional counts of the same crime, according to court documents. The man will not have to serve the term if he successfully completes probation and a community-based sex offender treatment program.

The public has come out to say in the petition, "No one spoke on behalf of the 12-year-old child at trial, It is time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets."Also, "He is just one of many judges who have been caught handing down light sentences to rapists, This must stop and we can only do that by sending a message."

Mckeon has said, "The sentence may not be a popular decision by certain members of the general public but it is a just and proper decision given the record before the court and the law the court is sworn to uphold."

All information from WWW.CNN.COM and WWW.KFOR.COM

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