• Madison Campbell

Mastodon Skeleton Found in Michigan

An excavation was led by a group of researchers studying at the University of Michigan to dig up the most complete, skeletal remains of a Mastodon in Michigan since the 1940s. The mastodon's remains were found in, what is said to be, an old pond.

The bones were most likely stored there by early humans. luckily, the low oxygen and cold temperature preserved some of the meat. The team carefully unearthed the bones and discovered that 60-70% of the fossils were still intact.

Not only have they found just this fossil but, they have found many others surrounding the great lake, just not as intact as the one they just recently found.

Pieces and fragments have been found in Michigan from approximately 300 different Mastodons.

The Mastodon they uncovered is believed to be male and just 30 years old when he died.

This is what a mastodon would have looked like during the ice age. please keep in mind that the mastodon actually came before the woolly mammoth.