• Destiny Shamblin

Easy Pumpkin Carving


The first thing you want to do is choose your pumpkin. Then, you need to clean it so that you can stick your candles in later. Cut the top where the steam is, and scoop all of the stuff inside the pumpkin out. Make sure it's clean enough for you to start your design.

There are two ways you can transfer your design. The first one is to copy it freehanded. Make sure the pumpkin is dry and you use a water based marker so it's easy to get off with a paper towel if you mess up. The second one is to tape the template to the pumpkin then poke holes through it to show where you are supposed to carve.

When carving, always start from the center and move your way out. Do this to make sure you don't put any pressure on already carved parts. Begin with the innermost, smallest details then go from there. Once you cut the piece, you can use your finger or a dull pencil to get the pieces out. Remember to be careful, and make sure an adult is near when you begin. If you do happen to accidentally cut a part off, just get a toothpick and stick it back on the pumpkin. There is no need to waste it. It's just one mistake. You can also change the design if you haven't gotten too far into carving.

Lastly, put your jack-o-lantern in a place of honor and away from flammables, and remember to blow out all candles before you go to bed.


  • Clear tape

  • Scissors

  • Template or something with a design on it

  • Water marker

  • Paper towels

  • Pumpkin carving kit

  • a pumpkin

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