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Today in History: Long Wins the King

Most countries have kings who rule over their country with all kinds of power of decision-making over the people. We in America also had a “king,” but not in the way you are thinking of. Our king never ruled over anything and never used violence to get his point across. As you may have guessed, this “Today in History” is covering the great Martin Luther King, Jr. and one most important moments in his life: the day in which he won the Nobel Peace Prize, October 14, 1964.

King, obviously, didn’t just get the prize just because he asked nicely. Throughout his time of being alive, King accomplished many feats through his protests dealing with the racial prejudice in the 20th century. He played an important role in leading this country out of the segregation of races.

King had supporters all over America and has worked with some of history’s finest, including Rosa Parks, who he aided in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Commerce with the goal being to end the segregation of races. His non-violent protests and famous speeches really spoke to the people, some more than others. The famous “I Have a Dream” speech stated his belief in a nation where all races could live together in peace. The first step towards that was the passage of The Civil Rights of 1964. This would lead the nation into a new generation of equality among the people of America.

Sadly, King was shot and killed April 4, 1968 on his hotel balcony. He is one of the most remembered people that paved the way to a country with no segregation, along with many others.

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