• devin fleming

Thailand leader passes

The king of Thailand, Bhumiboi Adulyadej passed away at age 88 this following week. Bhumiboi had a seven-decade rule between the second World War, and the technology era.

During the end of the ruling his health declined drastically, cause his showing in public events had been scarce. His health issues began back in 2009, when he had breathing problems, and returned again in 2014 for a gallbladder removal operation, hence his public absence. Finally in 2015 went back to the hospital for fluid removal treatment and heart artery operations, and remained in the hospital until death.

The leadership and years of work Bhumiboi did will be a hard act to follow.Since his death the new heir to the throne is Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, and hopefully will be able to lead as well as Bhumiboi.