• Taylor Faircloth and Rachel Jowers

Cairo Softball Headed to Sweet Sixteen Playoff Games

The CHS Softball team just got back from winning the first round in the playoffs! Before we tell you the amazing feats of these talented young ladies, we will tell you that the way to win the first round of playoffs is to compete with a single team in a best-of-two-out-of-three competition. A number four ranked team would play a number one ranked team, while a number three ranked team would play a number two ranked team. Our ladies were a number three ranked team that fought valiantly against a number two ranked team: the Thomson Dogs.

We started out the first game by trailing by two runs by Thomson. Our senior Mackenzie Puckett led the seemingly fruitless battle against Thomson by hitting a single home-run against the number two ranked team. As the game progressed, we trailed farther and farther behind as they had three runs and we had one. However, in the last inning when it seemed all was lost, we found our bats. Amaiah Young started us off with a double as she hit it in the gap between center field and right field. The important detail in this situation is that she did this with two outs! Because she stepped up to the plate at the most crucial point in the game, we were able to turn over the order to our senior Mackenzie Puckett. She followed Amaiah's double with a double of her own, which resulted in a runner on third and second base. At this point, it was still three to one in favor of the Dogs with two outs and the game on the line for our softball girls. Coach Best told us before the final inning that if we made it to Hannah Wilde, our second batter in the line up, we would win the game. Coach is never wrong! Hannah stepped up to the plate, literally and figuratively, and with three balls and two strikes, she hit it over the center-field fence and into the nearby highway! This put us on the winning side with four runs against three! Talk about a two out rally! We closed the game with nearly perfect fielding procedures and readied ourselves for game two of the playoffs!

There is little doubt that the first game put us into high spirits, considering that we won the second game with ease. We conquered the field and won eleven to two. As the Thomson Dogs closed their season, we rolled on to ready ourselves for the second round of playoffs and made ourselves a part of the Sweet Sixteen teams that dominate 4-A softball in the large state of Georgia.