• Emily Harrell

4-Year-Old Rebecca Lewis Found

This Monday afternoon, 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis was found in Memphis, Tennessee. The suspect, West Hogs, was also found and in custody.

Rebecca was abducted from Lakeland, Florida, on Saturday. Amber Alerts were set off in five states.

Hogs was found at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. An employee called security and police pulled Hogs over in the parking lot of the hospital and arrested him.

Hogs lived with the Lewis family when Rebecca was just an infant; he was then kicked out because he had pulled a gun on the family.

Investigators found out that Hogs suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. Reporters said that Hogs has no past criminal history and doesn't seem violent.

The Memphis police department spokesman told reporters "it doesn't seem that she has any apparent injuries" when referring to Rebecca Lewis.

All information from www.cnn.com