• Emily Harrell

2 Officers Critically Injured During A Boston Shooting

This Wednesday two Boston police officers were shot and badly injured.

This started when police received a called for a domestic problem in East Boston around 11p.m Wednesday night. The problem was regarding two male roommates.

When officers arrived at the scene a few moments later, they were heard screaming "303" on their radios. 303 stands for "shots fired and officer down."

The Boston Police Department (BPD) sent out an alert saying "#BPDAlert: Officers were responding to call for a person with a gun at 136 Gladstone Street at 10:51pm when officers came under fire.— Boston Police Dept."

Officers pulled their workmates from the house to safety while more shots were being fired. The police had to "neutralize" the suspect named Kurt Figueroa. Figueroa is only 33-years-old. Figueroa was wearing a ballistic vest and an had an assault rifle.

Police Commissioner William Evans said, "We're not proud when we have to use deadly force. But obviously we had two officers gravely injured here, and it left no choice."

The two officers have not been identified, but they have been lifetime members of the force. Nine other officers were treated at Tufts Medical Center for their minor injuries.

All information from www.cnn.com