• Bailey Flowers

Gas Leak in Alabama…

There is a gas leak near Birmingham, Alabama spilling out over 250,000 gallons of gasoline on September, 9th. “Eight days later, official estimate of gasoline lost is 398,589 gallons now”- Alabamanews.com now all because of the gas leak the gas prices in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee have been going through the roof. According to, Zero Hedge, South Carolina and some places in North Georgia have been complaining on running out of gas because of their heavy population. The gas prices may not go down until the pipe in fully restored.

The pipeline that is leaking it runs from Houston, Texas to New York. This pipe is a 36-inch line built in 1963. According to, AlabamaNews.com, it has estimated to supply the east coast of the United States with up to 60 percent of its gasoline supply. The gas is now shipped by alternate routes throughout the southeast to try to get gas to Georgia and other states affected by the leak.

According to AlabamaNews, “The Company will construct a temporary pipeline to bypass the spill site in hopes of restoring gasoline flows more quickly. No timetable was given for completing the bypass line."

The crew of over 700 people just began excavating the leaking pipeline at around 3:30p.m. On Friday, but the cause of the leak is still unknown. They weren’t able to access the pipeline because the of the hazardous benzene and gasoline vapors. Crews were finally able to remove gas and water from the retention ponds and transporting it back to the Pelham, AL tank farm facility for treatment.

To keep the gas from going everywhere they made temporary blockages were installed on either side of the leaking section and the crews began siphoning gas from the leaking pipeline itself according to Alabamanews.com

Environmental issues because of the leak include 30 miles away from the leak is the St. Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area. The St. Cahaba River is home to 135 known species of fish, over 10 endangered Mussel species, as well as 35 snail species: 10 of which are not found anywhere else in the world -According to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Possibilities of Environmental issues maybe polluted water source, and possible scares of the gas getting in the water table and may eventually get under people's houses.