• Taylor Faircloth, with input from Rachel Jowers :)

CHS Softball is Going to the Playoffs

CHS Softball Players at the Infantry Museum
Caitlyn Nowell Catching

During fall break the softball players didn't get to stay at home and didn't get a break from the game of softball. But it's okay I personal had a great time. During fall break the CHS Softball players and coaches had to leave to go to Columbus, Ga; October 4 - 6. We played in the Region Tournament which determines if you go to the playoffs. We had to win two games to qualify. Our first game was against Carver, which we won. Our second game was against Columbus, which we lost. Our next game determined who placed fourth we played Carver and won. Next we played Hardaway which put us in third. then we competed against Columbus for second place but sadly they again took the win. The Cairo High Softball Team will play in the playoffs October 12 and 13. It will be held in Augusta, Ga. The playoffs will make official on whose to go to state.