• Taylor Walker

The Attack of Macy’s Mall

A man accused of fatally shooting 5 people at a mall in Burlington ,Wash. He was held without bond that Sunday and faces five counts of first degree murder. Arcan Cetin, the suspect, of oak harbor, wash. Was arrested Saturday night in oak harbor, about 29 miles from Burlington. The police went on a man hunt that lasted more than 20 hours.

Cetin has not been charged in connection with the killings that Friday night at Macy’s inside the mall. The public was helping give tips, the police arrested Cetin after officials distributed photos of the suspect. There was no evidence pointed to terrorism, authorities suspect Cetin was the only gun-man. Four women and a man was killed, KING 5 reported that Cetin possessed three guns that Friday night, all legally purchased. Cetin stole them from a family member.

Cetin has a criminal record, that includes, three assault charges related to domestic violence. Cetin was a arrested on a drunken driving charge, he was told by the judge on Dec.29 that he could not posse’s a firearm. Surveillance footage from the mall shows the suspect entering the building late that Friday without a weapon. After walking into Macy’ s 10 minutes later with what appeared to be a hunting rifle.

He fired in the make-up area, then he fled out of range of the camera’s. One of the female victims was a 16-year-old who beat cancer, the other female victim was Belinda Galde, a long time probation officer. The Seattle times reported other victims were, Shayla Martin,52, also a Macy’s employee who was just about to retire. Eagan and his wife began running when the shooter opened fire.