• Devin Fleming

More troops to go to Iraq

The United States is going to send more of its troops to Iraq. The Iraqi troops will need assistance in training from the solders sent over to prepare for following events. In the upcoming fall there will be an attempt at an offensive takeover in the city of Mosul.

There will be a supply of troops between five to six hundred, and the current number of solders already posted in Iraq is 4,565.

Mosul, being the second largest city in Iraq, was seized and is now controlled by the Islamic state since 2014. The Iraqi military has been gathering troops to post a front in talking over the largest Islamic stronghold in the country.

As far as the takeover goes for Mosul, the city is surrounded by the Iraqi troops and has taken back the airbase that will be used for the upcoming operation.

The Pentagon has also approved the operation and is now awaiting the signal from Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

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