• Bailey Flowers

Top Quick and Cheap Beauty Hacks

Here are some beauty hacks that can help your beauty life tremendously.........

1. Check your make-up in the sunlight.... The bright light will show if you missed any spots or you need to blend it better......

2. Looking for a easy way to remove you glitter nail polish without messing up your nail(s)....Use a liquid glue (Elmer's glue is the best) as your base coat under your glitter nail polish...when your ready to remove it just peel it up...

3. Proper places to apply your perfume....

I. Inside your wrist

II. Behind your ear

III. Inside your elbow

IV. Behind your knee

V. Base of your shoulder

4. 8 things to do with old mascara wands....Don't throw them out!

I. Spray with hair spray to tame fly away at your roots

II. Eye brow brush

III. Exfoliate chapped lips

IV. Remove cuticles

V. Pull out things clogging your drains

5. Make your own lip gloss out of broken eye shadow and petroleum jelly...just mix them together

6. If your mascara dries up just add a few drops of a saline solution

7.If you have split ends but don't wanna cut all your hair off. Twist your hair into sections, then cut the little pieces that are sticking out to make your hair super healthy.

8. get a magnetic strip to organize all your magnetic beauty supplies or put a small magnetic square on the bottom of it.

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