• Taylor Walker

High School Teen Killed in Brentwood Shooting

A man is accused of murder in Jacksonville, FL he was arrested in Tallahassee, Monday after a 45-minute standoff. This individuals name is Bryan Keefe Jr. Goggins,24, was taken into custody that Monday afternoon at an apartment complex. He was found at an apartment complex on South Adams Street, according to U.S marshals.

Goggin’s was booked in Leon County jail, and held on Duval county warrants charging him with second-degree murder, possession of a firearm, weapon, and ammunition by a convicted felon. Also, he resisted arrest without violence, as well as drug and motor vehicles violations. Groggin’s went in front of the Leon County judge that Tuesday, he was ordered held without bond.

He was charged with shooting and 14-year-old girl named Tamia Sanders, her mother, and another adult on august 13. They were sitting in front of their apartment in Brent wood, Sanders died of her injuries. Tamia, was shot in the head, she dies, and her mother also, Kenyata Williams suffered critical injuries. Tamia was a honor student, people couldn’t believe she was gone. The police are still looking for information about the shooting, that if anyone knew anything contact 866-845-TIPS. Tamia’s family has been in touch with a victim’s service agency to discuss funeral arrangements, she will truly be missed.