• Madison Campbell

Book Review: Shattered Souls

A girl named Lenzi hears voices and believe she is turning into her father, who heard voices and was put in an insane asylum. When Lenzi goes with her boyfriend Zak to her fathers grave, she meets a boy named Alden. Alden tells Lenzi she isn't crazy and he shows her things she never thought was possible. The voices are real.

The voices are from the dead who have unfinished business.

Lenzi is called a speaker and Alden is her protector, to keep her from loosing herself with the spirits.when Lenzi's ghost nemesis, Smith, approaches her with the intent on killing her Alden wont leave her side. throughout generations Lenzi and Alden have been reincarnated with complete, intact memory of their past lives but, for some odd reason Lenzi, known in her past lives as Rose, doesn't remember a thing. Lenzi doesn't remember who or what she is done by a deal Rose made in her past life.

The book, Shattered souls is filled with death, love, destiny, and danger. I give the book a 5 out 0f 5 for the amount of detail and the way it easily pulls you in.

The only thing that concerns me is that there is not a definite, second book. The next book contains completely new characters, and it kind of bummed me out, but it was perfect while it lasted.