• zacherybernabe

3 Training Mistakes Every Runner Makes

As a runner my self we all make mistakes when first starting out as a new runner. Here are three of the top mistakes that new runners make.

1. Running to much,way too soon.

As we all know running is a very high impact sport.If you start off running too much to fast you will damage your body. When starting off you have to take it easy build up your millage start small with 1 or 2 miles then build up to 3 and 6 and so on.

2. Obsessing over pace.

This is the biggest mistake i have seen in all my years of running.Everyone wants to be the fastest runner there is but worrying about your pace will cause you to run slower the what you want to run.Train your body to run on effort not on a pace. when i train i use a color system

3.another big mistake i see all the time is when a runner will stop running for a period of time then start back at there same pace. when you take a break from running you need to take it slowly agin if you go back to the same thing you will just damage your body. you will get tired faster and can pull a major muscle

research taken form runners world.com