• Vallicia Clark

Grilled Cheese, Please?

Grilled Cheeses- Grilled cheeses are a favorite of children and adults around the country. You can put anything you want on your grilled cheese, and it would taste awesome. You can also pair your grilled cheese with tomato soup for a healthy snack.

  1. Classic- This is my all-time favorite sandwich. It’s my favorite grilled cheese. I love to pair it with a glass of lemonade and tomato soup.

  2. Spicy Nacho- I haven’t tried this sandwich yet, but I plan on it today. This sandwich just takes 5 minutes to make and looks delicious. You use jalapenos to get the ‘spicy’ part of the sandwich.

  3. Bacon and Tomato- This Grilled cheese is like the classic grilled cheese, you just add three slices of crisp bacon and a slice of a tomato and add whatever cheese you prefer. I prefer American.

  4. Cheddar and Pickles- Who would ever think of pairing pickles with any type of cheese? Well, I guess it’s pretty good because people love it. All you have to do is make a regular grilled cheese and add a pickle, or two, or three.

From food network magazine, foodnetwork.com

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