• Taylor Walker

The Minnesota Mall Knife Attack

At crossroads mall in St. Cloud nine people were hurt in a knife rampage. During which the attacker made references to Allah, authorities say. The suspect was shot dead by an off-duty police officer, it began around 8 p.m.( 9 p.m. ET) on Saturday. The suspect was wearing a private security uniform, they have confirmed that he asked at least one individual if they were Muslim before he assaulted them.

Anderson said he was armed with at least one knife “big enough to hurt someone”. An ISIS-affiliated news outlet claimed that the attacker “a soldier of the Islamic state” they are currently investigating this is a potential act of terrorism. “They don’t know whether the subject was in contact with, had connections or was inspired by a foreign terrorist organization” Thornton added. None of the nine suffered any severe life threatened injuries, six were released from the hospital three were currently still there by Sunday afternoon.

Among the injured were a 15-year old girl, a 50-year old woman, seven men at the ages of 20 to 53. “The suspect was described as a lone attacker and there was not any other evidence there was other people involved”, Anderson said. The assaults occurred a multiple locations and businesses at the mall. The cop who shot the alleged attacker was identified as Jason Falconer, a part time officer with the Avon police department also a former chief of Albany, Minn. Falconer prevented people from getting additional injuries and loss of lives.

Local Muslim and other religious leaders indicated that he was Somali. They’re community in central Minnesota has no relationship with ISIS or any other islamist terrorist group, Mohamed said “adding that much of the local Somali residents fled to ST. Cloud to escape groups like ISIS. So thankfully no one died, and the man who attacked the incident will be put away for along time.