• Devin Fleming

France Bans Plastic

France has become the only county in the world to ban the use of plastic cups and plates. There will be a law instated to where your containers or anything plastic will have to be 50% biologically sourced material. The law will hopefully take the effect and are able to use this new law to reduce climate change.

France is hoping to become the first country to become a world leader in the environmental and energy solutions to stop the development of climate change. There also is the fact that one hundred and fifty cups are thrown away every second in France totaling over four billion every year.

Plastic bags have also been banned in the country, and by the year 2025 the landfill waste will be cut in half. There were also many of people who were happy and accepted the new law but some are not.

There are many industries and manufacturers that are upset about the laws. Many Companies are trying to go to legal court to stop the law from being in full effect because it would cut back their revenue.

Never the less it would help everyone and the environment for the better.

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