• Emily Harrell

Preview: Bulldogs VS Ole Miss

Georgia Bulldogs have a series history of winning against the Ole Miss. 20 years have passed since the Rebels have won against the Bulldogs.Georgia is planning to win once again this Saturday in Oxford. Both teams are a little shaky this season so far even though Georgia has 3 wins and Ole Miss is 1-2. The game starts at 12:00pm on September 24.

Jacob Eason, the quarterback for the Bulldogs, is going to start the game. Eason is only a freshman. He was recruited from Lake Steven, Washington.Last Saturday night, Eason and his receiver Isaiah McKenzie, with a little bit over a minute remaining, led their team to their first conference victory.

Georgia fans are hoping that Nick Chubb will get back to running the ball with the success he has shown in the past. Chubb appears to be over the terrible knee injury he suffered last year against the Volunteers. Now he needs his offensive line to start blocking for him.

This is also Kirby Smart's first year as head coach for the Bulldogs. So far Kirby has led the team to all wins this season.

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