• Emily Harrell

3 Days Later Man Crawls From Deadly Car Crash

A severely injured man crawled from fatal car crash. He was driving on an Indiana highway and ran into a tree.

The man Kevin Bell and his passenger Nikki Reed crashed on Saturday about 50 miles west of Cincinnati.

Kevin lost control of the 1999 Ford Explorer when he traveled down an embankment into the tree.

Kevin has injuries to his legs and Nikki did not survive. Kevin is 39 years old and Nikki was 37 years old.

Because of Kevin's injuries, he wasn't able to get out of the car to get help.He was finally able to get out of the vehicle three days later on Monday.Kevin crawled all the way back to the road where police found him. Nikki died instantly due to fatal injuries. Kevin was sent to St. Vincent- Jennings Hospital because of his injuries.

All information from www.usatoday.com and www.11alive.com