• Taylor Faircloth

Update: Clown Sightings in Georgia

On September 14, 2016 in Macon, Georgia there was a 911 call. Rebecca and Brandon Moody reported to police that they both saw a clown in a white van luring children into the woods. They later admitted that they were making false statements, however, and they were both arrested. Brandon Moody claimed that the previous day he did see clowns in a white van.

Although his claims were false, there have been several people calling the police about the clowns and not just in Georgia: the clowns have also been spotted in South Carolina, which was apparently where the sightings began, as well as North Carolina, Ohio, California, and Wisconsin.

Several people have claimed that the clowns try and lure children into the woods: by offering candy or talking to them. There has also been odd posts on Facebook by "Wongo Clowning", which many people think are behind it. No clowns or the people behind it have been arrested or caught. There's been many people saying that the clowns have chased children from bus stops. There has oddly been no pictures took of these clowns. So lock your doors and be careful.