• Jah'Nyia Mills

Top Three DIY Vloggers

Are you a teen girl getting ready for college, love decorations, but don’t really plan on spending a whole lot of money on decorations? Well if you are, I think you should check out some DIY ("Do it Yourself") "vloggers" such as SaraBeautyCorner, DIY Lover and GlitterForever17. In case you aren't already following any YouTube vloggers, a vlogger is a person who posts regular video updates online using services such as YouTube.

Let me start with my favorite one, SaraBeautyCorner. She has a cute little accent, and you will learn a lot from her. Are you looking to decorate your dorm room? Sara has plenty of awesome videos with tips for room decoration. She designed her own drawers, desks, lamps, pillows, bed spread, and little cute posters to hang around the room, and she even made some cute little flowers because you know fake and real ones always die. She’s truly amazing, and she will take you through all of the steps.

Sara even makes decorated school supplies such as folders, pencils, book bags ( they are the cutest), binders, pencil pouches, and decorated pens. She even makes some with glitter on the inside and more. She also makes other cool things some teen girls would love, such as phone cases and different colors of lip stick, which I think look really cool. Sara even puts up cooking videos which I think are really awesome.

Next, we have DIY Lover, and she’s pretty amazing too! She designs pillows for the people that like to sew and who don't like to sew. She does room organizations like desks, shelves, school supplies, and more. She also makes other cool things like phone cases, hacks like Oreo hacks, weird life hacks, amazing life hacks, DIY Nutella soap, and lots of other cool things. She does some of the same things Sara does.

Last but not least is GlitterLover17. Now, if you just want to have a little fun, making cool things on the weekends, then I recommend GlitterLover17. She makes DIY edible EOS lip balm, edible school supplies, nail polish (which I think is weird but cool), DIY hair brush phones, and so much more.

I think you guys should go check out these amazing vloggers.