• Emily Harrell

9 Year Old Boy Takes Own Life After Being Bullied

This past week, a West Virginia boy took his own life after being bullied.

The 9 year old boy, Jackson Grubb, known as "Action Jackson" was a third grader at Sophia Soak Creek Elementary School.

Saturday Jackson's sister found in his body in his bedroom when she went in there to try to cheer him up. Jackson's family had reported that he hasn't been acting like himself in the past weeks. Even though he handled bullies at school and outside his house, he was still struggling.

That Saturday Jackson hung himself.

Shane Barber, Jackson's uncle said "I do believe bullying did play a part in it but I don't believe it was the primary cause.I want to believe that this boy went in there to try to scare his grandmother and have her find him. Not find him dead but to find him struggling because I believe he was struggling inside."

Jackson's grandmother, Betsy Baber, agrees with Shane. Betsy was the guardian of Jackson and he's siblings. She told reporters that "Just speaking from my heart- I believe that he just couldn't take nothing no more. He had reached that point.But he didn't think. I don't believe, that it was going to go that way."

She also said later that "They were bullying him and they were picking on him.They were saying things to him. They were touching him and that led my grandson to do the things that he did."

Sometimes Jackson would cope with the bulling by using his fist or humor. Even though Jackson was young, handling bullies became something he was familiar with.

All research came from www.ijr.com and www.insideedition.com

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