• Taylor Walker

A Miracle Baby

In LAFAYETTE, LA a woman named Ashley Shirley a 28 year old, a mother of four children from Chattanooga, Tennessee has a baby girl that now is two months waiting to arrive. The two month old daughter’s name is Jocelyn. When Ashley was pregnant with Jocelyn, her and her husband were told that she had a lethal birth effect.

Chances of the baby’s survival outside the womb was nearly unreal. When Jocelyn was born alive and seemingly normal ,doctors were stunned. Ashley had her third baby in December in 2014. She wasn’t expecting any more children, but that following thanksgiving she had a familiar feeling. Ashley was preparing thanksgiving dinner she felt nauseous she says “ she had a feeling she was pregnant”. So about a A week later she decided to take a test a came out positive.

Ashley’s pregnancy was progressing well and all test came back normal. After, 13 weeks she went for a ultrasound and the baby seemed small, but the doctors encouraged her that it wasn’t anything worth concern. At her 20-week ultra sound the doctors say “something doesn’t look right” so they sent them to a high risk doctor. The baby’s growth behind, her bones were bowed, her chest cavity was small, and also she was missing a portion of her brain called the corpus callosum. There baby was then diagnosed with “skeletal dysplasia”.

As she continues to grow it got worse and worse, around 32 or 33 weeks they started noticing how small the baby’s chest cavity was, more red flags that it could be lethal. Ashley and Ronnie both were told that their baby would most likely die. With all the problems the baby’s having the doctors couldn’t even tell if the baby would come out breathing. Ashley started planning the funeral for their unborn child instead of preparing for their daughters arrival.

Ashley was praying that their baby came out screaming, and breathing so she would know that she was alive. Finally, she heard a whimper that turned into a giant scream, everyone was shocked while Ashley and Ronnie we’re crying. A neonatal doctor arrived to check to see if the baby Jocelyn was normal, the doctor did a thorough examination and left them lost for words. “The part of the brain that showed up missing” was there Ashley recalls. Everything was normal except the chest cavity which was still small but she had a big heart and she was able to breathe.

There was no explanation for this medical miracle, The doctors kept asking themselves where they had went wrong. They knew all people weren’t believers ,but she is a miracle of gods.