• Emily Harrell

6 Year Old Boy Reunited with his Mother

This Tuesday morning a 6 year old boy was reunited with his mother after being kidnapped.

This all started when a mom from Arkansas was dropping off her 1 year old daughter off at day care when she carjacked.

The mother, Catterrica Brown, was at the day care just before 7 a.m when a skeptical man appeared by her car and approached her as she was returning to the car. The police said that the man was asking for a ride but she refused. After being refused the man pulled her out of the car, jumped in and started to drive away with her 6 year old son still in the car. Brown grabbed onto the man and the car trying to get him to stop. Instead she got caught and dragged by the car, giving her an arm injury causing her to let go.

Marvin Reeves, a 42 year old man, was the suspect. He abandon the car 20 blocks away from where he stole it. The boy was found by a school bus stop with a group of other kids. He was unharmed.

Reeves was sent to Jefferson County Jail and has been charged with second degree battery, robbery, and kidnapping.

All research is from abc.go.com