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Police Find Two Month Baby On Roadside & Parents Passed Out

On Monday September 12th the police found a wrecked vehicle on the side of the road. So the woman stopped to check and see if anybody was in the vehicle, when she got to the door it was a woman passed out and a man passed out. Also, it was a two month old baby in the backseat of the car.

She opened the back seat of the car to get the baby out and she said that the baby was very hot and sweaty. So when the ambulance arrived everyone was sent to the hospital to get check and the woman and the man had a heroin overdose that’s why they were passed out.

The baby is under child services until further notice, and the father came to get the baby after the accident on Monday but won’t be able to take the baby until after court. The police had tweeted about the accident 3 hours after it happened.