• Emily Harrell

Father kills 6 year old Daughter

A father from Asheville North Carolina gets charged with murder for killing his 6 year old daughter.

The FBI was called to Asheville, Friday to investigate the homicide of Lila Pickering. Seth Willis Pickering the father of Lila, could be facing death penalty or life without parole for stabbing Lila in the heart and in the left lung.

This all started when Buncombe County deputies were notified Friday with a missing person report of Lila Pickering. When later notified of a of a homicide by the National Park Service on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Seth Pickering was then caught on the scene then arrested.

Lila Pickering was a first grader at Johnston Elementary School. Lila's mother, Ashley Pickering said she had left her husband, Seth Pickering, for abusing her in the May of 2015. Lila's mother went to Florida to be with her family leaving Lila with her father. Ashley said that Seth never harmed their daughter in the past, even though Lila has been placed in Child Protected Services.

Lila was with her foster family foster family Friday after school when Seth abducted her from their home around 5:45.

Before this tragedy Lila"s Grandmother was coming to pick her up from Asheville and take her back to Florida to be with their family.

To cover Lila's funeral expenses a GoFundMe account has been set up.

All information was from KFOR.com and Wyff4.com