• Zachery Bernabe

Blue Origin's New Booster Rocket

Amazon founder and Blue Origin CEO, Jeff Bezos, has announced that a massive reusable rocket "family" is in development. The rocket, called New Glenn, will be used to launch satellites and people into space, according to Benzo.

Blue origin, whioh according to its wikipedia page is "an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services" has already unveiled the concept designs for a two and three stage rocket. Both are taller than rival Space X's falcon Heavy and the United Launch Alliance's Delta IV Heavy. The three stage rocket approaches the size of NASA's Saturn V which took the first humans to the moon.

New Glen plans to launch from Complex 36 in Cape Canaveral. Bezos said that the new rocket is planned to launch within the decade. "Up next on our drawing board: New Armstrong," Bezos teased, referencing Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon. "But that’s a story for the future."

Research taken from space.com