• Vallicia Clark

5 SPOOKtaular Outdoor Decorations for Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, lots of families like to get in the spirit of decorating the outside of their houses along with the insides. Here are 5 SPOOKtacular outdoor decorations to get you in the spirit.

  • Classic Country Halloween- You can use this theme outside to achieve the look of a nice little house on a farm by arranging hay bales and mums. You can also add bright, orange pumpkins and bright, yellow corn around your front porch. Adding spider webs adds a not so scary touch.

  • Jack-o’-Lanterns in a Jiffy- Cutting pumpkin faces into bright orange tissue-paper balls and stems from construction paper can give your front porch a kiddy spooky but homey feel.

Batty Front Door- Simply cu out black felt bats then place them on a natural twig wreath to give your visitors and tic- or-treaters a friendly fright.

  • Bat-filled Front Door- To achieve this look, all you have to do is trace bats out of felt fabric and cut. Keep tracing and cutting until you have a swarm of bats.

  • Black-and-White Halloween- Paint pumpkins black and white and stack them on a brown broom stick with other black and white Halloween related decorations to create a spooky but pretty outdoor porch look.

From countrliving.com