• Zachery Bernabe

Original Y&T Drummer Leonard Haze Dies at 61

Yes its true leonard haze has passed away yesterday. Haze passed away from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). haze was a member of the iconic rock band outfit from 1972-1986, joining again between 2001-2006 and was also part of HazeXperience. the HazeXperience has released many statements on there facebook page, telling how Haze was commited to playing eventho he was going threw problems with COPD “Leonard was not only a bandmate but a close friend, sharing not just a passion for music but also our appreciation for fast cars, cool RC planes and Fireball Whisky,” guitarist Jim Bradley said.

Singer Jeffrey Winslow also had some words to say about his departed bandmate, stating,”Leonard was a good friend, a great drummer, and a true ambassador for the world of rock ‘n’ roll. I’m shocked that he’s gone, but thankful I got to know him while he was here.” Haze had many great accomplishments, like bringing in the opening slots for major acts like AC/DC, Aerosmith,Ozzy Osbourne, Rush and more. he also played on deep purple singer Ian Gillian solo record toolbox, haze also preformed on seven Y&T records,including Mean Streak, In Rock We Trust and Down for the Count, all of which broke the Top 100 on the Billboard 200 charts, save for Mean Streak, which fell just shy at No. 103.