• Taylor Walker

Unarmed Nude Man Shot and Killed by Police

A 27-year-old black man was shot and killed by an ex-officer in Decatur, Georgia. The officer pleaded not guilty in June, and charges could be dismissed against a former Atlanta-area policeman who shot a defenseless, naked, mentally ill black male. Grand jury secrecy was defy in the case, Robert Olsen was indicted in January on numerous charges.

During the hearing on Olsen’s motion to dismiss the indictment. The district attorney Don Samuel argued extra, unneeded people were in the room during the time of the grand jury. Also some people from the district attorney’s office, a authority witness and a court reporter who didn’t render anything but a statement by the officer. A prosecutor named Chris Timmons controverted that prosecuting a police officer is more tricky then other cases.

The existence of the officer and the attorney’s places pressure on the grand jurors as they’re staring at the person they’re being asked to addict. Dekalb county superior court the judge J.P Boulee says “he wanted to do more than research and would not instantly rule on the defense request”. Olsen shot Hill on March 9, 2015, while responding to a call about a naked man behaving erratically outside an suburban Atlanta complex building. Hill’s family says he was in the U.S Air Force veteran who had mental health issues.

Olsen resigned from the dekalb county police department. The practice of allowing officers to sit through the grand jury proceeding and a unchallenged statement at the end. A new law approached effect July 1st, limits those special privileges. Officers can no longer sit on the entire proceeding. They still may make a statement to grand jurors, but now they must answer questions from prosecutors and grand jurors if so.

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