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Today in History: California

A good 166 years have passed since September 9, 1850. Today is the day that marks California as the 31st state of the great United States of America. As said on history.com, it was done in record time. It was “given” to us by Mexico through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

After the signing, “the greatest gold rush in history” occurred as there was gold found exactly nine days before the Mexican diplomats signed the treaty. Sutter’s Mill flooded with “forty-niners” looking for chunks of gold. With this came a population boost and wealth increase. Unlike the other states, the gold rush helped increase the population number it did.

When California became a state, this started turning gears in people’s heads. They thought about the fact that this state has to either be free or a slave state or it would interrupt the balance of the free and slave states. The Compromise of 1850 came into play making the state a free-labor state..

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