• Devin Fleming and Emily Harrell

IPhone 7 is almost here

The new iPhone 7 is here and is bringing new improvements. The new phone is supposed to hit shelves on the 16th of September and cost 650 dollars total. There will be more different sizes for the phone in the future like the pluses.

The new features for the phone are improved as usual like the camera, ear buds, and color as well as being water resistant. There are 2 cameras on the phone, they are wide angle and telephoto and there both 12 megapixel cameras. Now for the Ear buds, there is no more headphone jack for your headphones so you’ll have to use Bluetooth to use them. Finally the colors of the phone are in jet black and matte black.

Apple is proud of the new features and speed of the phone as well as how many they’ve sold in the past years. Since 2007 the company has sold over one billion phones over the course of the short time. Apple is also proud to bring the storage capability to the table with storage up to 256 GBs of space.

In addition the new phones release super Mario will also soon be arriving to the Ios platform. The release date is not certain but it will be before the end of this year.