• Bailey Flowers

Expensive Vs. Cheap Hair Products

This is an article over two beauty products designed to do the same thing at two different prices. Which one will you choose?

Hair Spray: supposed to hold hairstyles and keep it flowing so its not hard and stiff.

Nick Chaves: keeps hairstyles and it gets a little stiff; but is expensive $40.32

Dove: Keeps hairstyles and doesn't make your hair hard: its very inexpensive $3.90

Hair oils: rejuvenate hair and relieves dead ends

Coconut oil: relieves dead ends and makes it shiny and healthy; $8.50, 32 oz jar

Moroccan oil: relieves dead ends but makes your hair oily; $8.79 4oz bottle

Shampoo: volumize and repairs hair

Aveeno: repairs only; $5.75 10.5 oz

Pantene: volumizes and repairs; $6.37 12oz

(my opinion i would go with pantene)

Conditioner: keeps hair soft and shiny and an all day shine

Suave: conditioner is hard to get out and makes hair oily faster and frizzy; $1.50

Herbal Essence: keeps hair soft and shiny and is so silky without being oily; $2.75