• Destiny Shamblin, Senior Kaitlyn Berry

Band Jamboree comes to Cairo

This year, Cairo High School has the honor of hosting the annual South Georgia regional Band Jamboree. According to a CHS senior band member, this marks the first time in years that the SyrupMakers have hosted this event.

The event will be held on September 17, 2016, at West Thomas Stadium. There will be fourteen bands playing, and tickets are $10 each.

According to senior band member, Kaitlyn Berry, “There will be lots to see and hear at the Jamboree! For example, some of those things include: great performances, the sounds of all the different shows, and the spirit spread between all of the members. People should come and see this chance of a lifetime because of the huge impact it leaves on people. The way the music carries a person is wonderful, it will take people to a magical place. I can guarantee it.”

The planned schedule will be:

  • Turner county -10am

  • Dougherty high -10:20am

  • Monroe -10:20am

  • Brooks county -11am

  • Worth county -11:20am

  • Albany High -11:40am

  • Pelham -noon

  • Lee county -12:20pm

  • Thomasville -12:40 pm

  • Tifton county -1pm

  • Thomas county central -1:20pm

  • Colquitt county -1:40

  • Crisp county -2pm

  • Cairo high -2:20pm

  • Troy university will perform “Sound of the south” -at 3pm