• R&B Staff

American Horror Story: Season 6

We’ve come across five seasons of American horror Story, and coming soon will be a season 6. According to multiple websites, the show will premiere on September 14 at 10 pm on Fox.

Like every other season, No one will know until the show actually starts what the theme will be about. Some of the previous seasons’ themes were the murder house, asylum, coven, freak show and the most recent one was the hotel. We’ll know for sure what the theme is about when the show premiers.

Out of the many teasers, American Horror Story: The Mist has been the one that there’s been the most talk about. The Mist is a horror novella written by Stephen King. According to eonline.com, a recent promotion for the new season featured “a gross creature emerging from the distance while scuttling down some mist-covered railroad tracks.” A similar scene occurs at the end of the film adaptation of King’s story.

The actress known mostly for her music, Lady Gaga, has confirmed to be a part of season 6. In season 5, American Horror Story: Hotel, Lady Gaga played a main character. According to E! News, we know we will also be seeing Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, as well as Lady Gaga. Other actors will be seen, as well, but have not yet been announced.