• Sophomore Rachel Jowers and Freshman Taylor

Nanee's Doughnut Hole Food Critique (Praise)

Rachel: I love Nanee’s! it was a circular piece of heaven with a hole in the middle where there should be chaos. I’m feeling extremely poetic today; this is probably an aftereffect of the Nanee’s. What do you think Taylor?

Taylor: Honestly, I think out of all the doughnuts we’ve tried Nanee’s was one of the best to me. The chocolate just melted in your mouth. It was very delightful to my taste buds.

Rachel: Very “delightful,” I would have to agree and the chocolate glaze was most definitely my favorite! It was clean and yet still managed to melt my heart as it was melting on my taste buds. I definitely enjoyed their glazed doughnut as well. One of the things I liked about it was that the dough was sweeter.

Taylor: Exactly what Rachel said. Even though the dough wasn’t fresh off the press when we got it, it still somehow seemed to warm my heart. I will definitely be getting doughnuts from Nanee’s again.

Rachel: This is absolutely, positively, my very, very, very, favorite chocolate glazed doughnut out there… I just can’t get over it! Im about to nap of the donut discs of destiny and taylor will tell you all the official details. Where you can find them, their menu, etc. . So peace it guys!

Taylor: The shop is called ‘Nanees Doughnut Hole’, they are located in Thomasville, Ga. They are a bagel and doughnut shop. You can find them at – 1100 E Jackson St, Thomasville, GA 31792. If you would like to call them their number is – (229) 558-9833. They’re definitely my favorite doughnut shop and next time you want a doughnut head to ‘Nanees Doughnut Hole’.