• Devin Fleming and Emily Harrell

Chris Brown in Trouble again

Before Chris Brown got in trouble with the law he was a successful artist and musician. He started his career in 2005; with his first popular song “Forever”. Chris Brown is a Grammy award winner. He has been nominated 23 times and won 9 times.

Chris Brown is only 27 years old and has been already in trouble before with the incident with Rihanna in 2009. He was arrested for beating viciously on Rihanna when they were dating in 2008.

Tuesday, Chris Brown was arrested on charge of gun assault. Chris Brown was released with a $250,000 bail. Police filed a search warrant on Brown and acquired weapons and drugs from his home in Los Angeles.

Brown has been under investigation ever since the incident in which held a woman at gun point in his home. The woman was a guest in Brown’s home. She reported that she had an argument with Chris Brown before he pulled the gun on her.

Brown’s lawyer said that the woman had messages and conversations saying that she would set Chris up.