• Vallicia Clark

Tallahassee after Hermine: Updated

Update: According to the city of Tallahassee Electrical Outage Map, as of Friday morning, over 1,200 customers are still without power - a week after Hermine first struck the city.

In the wake of Hurricane Hermine, the city of Tallahassee continues to recover from the storm's wrath.

The city suffered many thousands of dollars in damages, along with power outages, destroyed power lines, destroyed homes, buildings, and much more.

There was a lot of water damage. One man had up to 4 inches of water in his house due to the rain and flooding.

Even though the city is slowly recovering, some residents have to deal with the fact that they have to pay for the damages the hurricane did to their homes and cars. At this point, 60,000 residents are without power.