• Vallicia Clark

FSU vs. Ole Miss Recap: What We Learned

Last night was probably one of the best nights in FSU football history. Ranked No. 11, Ole Miss started off the game with a 28-6 lead, and FSU started with 11 penalties against them. By the end of 2nd quarter, FSU was lucky enough to make their first touchdown of the night. The first half wasn’t a great one for the Seminoles. Even though they made a huge comeback in the 2nd quarter, their defense wasn’t all the way together. Deondre Francios made his debut last night also. The Red Shirt Freshman quarterback made 2 touchdowns, and led his team to the largest comeback in FSU history, a whopping 22 points. The team was close to being the 3rd top 5 team to lose in the opening week, the Seminoles proved all their doubters completely wrong with a final score of 45-34.

From espn.com and 247sports.com