• By: Emily Harrell

Family Celebrates Lane Graves's Birthday

Lane Graves was the toddler that was killed by an alligator last June at Walt Disney World. On June 14 the Graves family vacationed at a Walt Disney resort. After watching an outdoor movie; Lane and his father went for a walk near the shore line.Lane was about an ankle deep in water when alligator snatched him. Lane's father unsuccessfully tired to fight off the alligator while his mother was trying to get help.

This weekend on Saturday the 3rd the parents spoke out the first time about their son's death at his memorial celebration in honor of his 3rd birthday. The memorial took place at Elkhorn south high school in Elton, Nebraska, where hundreds of family members, friends, and neighbors attended. Melissa Graves, Lane's mother said at the memorial "so his mommy needed to say Happy Birthday, Lanie. You're in our hearts today and every second of every other day. You'll always be mommy's loving, sweet baby boy". They celebrated Lane and his birthday by letting go of blue balloons in his memory.

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