• Emily Harrell

Jacob Wetterling Remains found

After 27 years the authorities have confirmed that the body of Jacob Wetterling is found.

Wetterling was 11 years old when abducted in 1989 half a mile away from his home while riding his bike in St. Joseph Minnesota.

The abductor was a masked man carrying a gun.A suspect, Danny Heinrick was questioned and now in Federal custody, with the charge of child pornography. Heinrick provided information to the investigators which led to the remains of Wetterling, on a Paynesville farm.

Wetterling's mother kept hope all theses years waiting for the day her son will come home. Patty Wetterling, Jacob's mother said in a message to KARE-TV that "All I can confirm is that Jacob has been found and our hearts are broken" according to SCTimes. Ever since her son,s abduction, Patty helped create a sex offender registry and the Team Hope (Help offering parents Empowerment).

Before this devastating tragedy "Jacob was a fun, active,athletic,kind, 11- year old boy who loved peanut butter and football' said his mother in 2014. This Fedruary Jacob would have turned 38.

All research from CNN.com, SCTimes.com, and StartTribune.com